Saturday, June 1st. The Rock House Music Festival and Cookout in The Rock House Music Garden (behind the Rock House).   

Gates open at 2:00 pm.. We have limited space so you must have a ticket to attend.  

Tickets at

The Vincents

The Vincents are led by vocalist and bassist Chase McRoy, flat-pickin’ machine
Dustin White, and drumming wild-man Kellan Moore. They have been playing
together for well over 10 years and their chemistry shows!
They play everything from 50’s rockabilly to modern day hits, all while performing
what they call musical...”shenanigans.”
From acrobatic balancing acts to seamless instrument swapping you never know

Dance Monkey Dance

My Politic- Guffey and Pankey's engaging slice-of-life storytelling, expertly-crafted characters & sibling-like harmony, shape a collection of songs that are as intimate and engaging as they are unforgettable. With Missouri Folklore, My Politic pay homage to the people and places that raised them while highlighting the work needed to cultivate a better environment for themselves and those who come next. 

One More Dollar-    There is a sound that brings a region into your thoughts. So unique to its location and inseparable to its culture, it is difficult to name. One More Dollar, has that sound and its focus on original and depression-era and earlier music provide an opportunity build its own sound on the foundation of this difficult name. We believe we know what to call it, Ozarkana