Rock House Concert featuring The Meadow Makers and Rushad Eggleston

The Rock House, 41 High Street, Reeds Spring

We are so proud to play a handful of shows with our friend Rushad Eggleston. He is an amazing talent that leaves no space to be indifferent. Rushad is a green tailed meteor shooting through outer space and if you get the chance to witness his snartelling majesty your soul will be lifted up and you and everyone else will spend some time really being awake in the present. Thanks to Jeanette and Bruce for putting this on for us last minute, you two are some of the sweetest humans and biggest live music supporters we know.

Meadow Makers will start the evening off ...then strap in for the cello goblin.

More about Rushad:

Rushad Eggleston plays fluffy rainbow unicorn metal from a magic green dimension whose mystic tongues growl the delapitude of the future across speedy spectrums of the wildest astral cello landscapes with oceans of glee, skies full of bats and forests full of strange melody monsters: does it even exist?

Rushadicus hops between dimensions as he growls the language of sneth over antelope defeating landspeed records of jick and bat fury of potatoes in whirlwind antenna farms of the most generous rainbow.

Rusharguanox is a fierce maverick of nonsense magic and potatoes.

Ruusta Benuusta Beduusta B’shad is a semi-mythical beast of jick as if the cello were a potato rocket, the kazoo was a schizophrenic trumpeting Archangel Gabriel, and the voice was an outlet for monstrous expressions of infinity, coated in 3 layers of melody frosting, bolstered by 76-ton steel brandishings, and scented with wilted geraniums from the underworld.

Fast snibbetch:

P’thuugnies puppy

Bastard Bat Nightingale Pony

More about Meadow Makers:

Making moves and clearing paths for the future; pushing against borders and birthing space. Meadow Makers is a melodic and vocal driven folk duo from Northwest Arkansas. Comprised of Dana Louise and Noah Richmond, this dynamic duo has been holed up in their backwoods cabin for the last year, writing songs and arranging old favorites. The two have been playing regionally under their given names, and are excited to take Meadow Makers on the road this spring. Their diverse musical backgrounds, and shared love of songwriting have brought them together to create a fresh, unique twist on the traditional folk sound. Bars, barns, breweries or house concerts, Meadow Makers strives to connect on a higher plane.

"sounds like two coats of paint" - Malcolm Holcombe

An Airplane Song:


Join us for an intimate night of music. Doors open at 6:30 for a potluck dinner, b.y.o.b. social time.

Music begins at 8:00 for the listening room concert. First come, first serve on seating. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online at or at the door.

Please park across the street in the parking lot or anywhere downtown. Our backyard parking is reserved for the band and handicap parking.

Call (417)272-8386 for more info.